Tasmin Chilcott

Environmental Project Manager

What makes you want to help the Environment?
The more we learn, the more we share, and the more action we take, the more we can see positive dramatic changes that contribute to a sustained life on Earth. The well-being of biodiversity on the planet is rapidly declining, and we all experience it daily. I want to help share learnings and help each of us take action right now.


What drew you to Starboard & SOMWR?
Sports connect many people from across the globe, however, sports come with their respective impacts. Starboard is forward-thinking and implements positive action, allowing us to reduce these impacts faster. Everything is shared openly throughout Starboard’s projects. Meaning sports disciplines and other industries can learn from us and help to reduce their impact. By sharing knowledge, we can use our time efficiently by learning from errors and replicating successes. Growing with SOMWR has given us the chance to take these learnings and generate even more environmental action!


What skills do you have to make a difference?
Our partnerships are one of the keys to larger change. I dedicate a lot of time to helping our partnerships develop and ensure they are creating positive environmental change. These include; The Environmental Action Partnership with the International Canoe Federation, running the Environmental Action Committee for iQFoiL, our membership with B-Corp and working towards “End of Life” solution projects.

My genuine care and drive for us to really be the best is something that, I hope, comes out in the projects we deliver and the reports we share with our ambassadors and partners.