The Plastic Regulation Matrix

Orientate yourself on the world’s plastic bans and regulations through this spreadsheet. 

Single-use plastic is straining our earth and oceans. With the Plastic Regulation Ban Matrix, politicians, regulators and activists can orient themselves concerning current bans and taxes in one quick overview, thus fast track national and international initiatives.

The matrix displays different plastic laws put in place around the globe. By sharing this tool, we hope to show that strict regulations are possible and to encourage more law-enforced initiatives to kick our plastic habits.

This matrix is a guideline for how we can implement global plastic legislation and we urge you to use it to fight for change in your local community! Legislations are sorted by national and regional enforcement, and by year. Click on the countries to learn more about their laws against plastic.

Last updated: 27/06/2019
For any updates on regulations, please contact: