Blue Tiki for Positive Impact

We started at the water’s edge as Starboard, a leading watersports equipment innovator,
awarded World Sailing’s Sustainability Award and an Olympic class.
Our products journey has environmental actions integrated for a better climate and ocean health.
Our Plastic Offset Program, VCS certified blue carbon climate parks, education and partnerships
motivates private sector, governments & NGOs.
Blue Tiki solutions now go street level with SOMWR, inviting you to wear positive impact.

Plastic Offset Program

As a producer of plastic-based products, Starboard introduced plastic footprint reporting after pioneering work with the Ocean Recovery Alliance. In 2017 the world’s first Plastic Offset Program was launched. We offset parts of our plastic footprint through our POP initiative where our own team every day collects beach/ ocean plastic litter. We have now collected more than 822,185 kg over the past years and are continuing to expand and improve the program by sourcing recycling sites to process the collected waste. working with VERRA to become one of the first projects certified under the Plastic Waste Standard.

10X Climate Positive

After calculating, reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint, we continue planting to absorb 10X the CO2 released through our products and services. Having no impact is not enough. We need to take positive steps to reverse climate change and share the power of nature-based climate solutions.
We support major global sports events with 10X climate positivity including the Olympic iQFoil class.

Mangroves, a Climate Solution

On average every Starboard board is responsible for emitting 100 kg of CO2 from the extraction of the raw materials, to production and shipping. To offset these emissions Starboard plants 3 mangrove trees per board, drawing down over 1000 kg CO2 across 25 years, whilst providing vital funds to local communities in Myanmar from sales of carbon credits not used for our own offset.

Blue Tiki, Building a Movement

Blue Tiki ($BTIKI) is a social token that rewards the movement of eco-conscious Future Fighters who want to change the world and get rewarded in the process. The token lives on the carbon negative blockchain Celo.

Worldview International Foundation pioneering Blue Carbon Climate Impact

Plastic Offset Program (POP) - Starboard's Actions to Limit Our Environmental Impact

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