Why Starboard Blue?

Starboard Blue is our platform for positive impact. Ensuring that the actions we take and the decisions we make are the best for our planet and the people in it.

Starboard Blue is integrated into every area of our business, from product development to partnerships, marketing to the running of Starboard HQ. It is also where we run all of our amazing environmental initiatives from, including our Plastic Offset Program (POP), Mangrove Planting, Educational Programs and so much more.


As a producer of plastic based products Starboard understands the part we play in the plastic industry. It is our responsibility to find alternative materials for our boards, apparel and accessories; to reduce any unnecessary plastic use; to offset our plastic footprint through our POP initiative; and to spread the word throughout our network.


On average every Starboard board is responsible for emitting 100 kg of CO2 from the extraction of the raw materials to the shipping of the boards from our factory. To offset these emissions Starboard plants 1 mighty mangrove tree per board. Whatever board you’re riding you’re helping the environment and you’re part of the team.

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