Lizzy Howard

Environmental Project Manager

What makes you want to help the Environment?
To protect communities from the impacts of climate change, and air and plastic pollution. To maintain our natural playground and ensure future generations will still be able to enjoy our oceans for windsurfing, surfing, and paddleboarding. To prevent the extinction of species and the destruction of ecosystems from pollution, habitat loss, poaching and the effects of climate change


What drew you to Starboard & SOMWR?
Starboard and SOMWR are taking responsibility for their impact on the planet through carbon offsetting, plastic collection initiatives and eco-innovation. The brands also know the core to change is education. Starboard is working to educate people and organisations throughout their network – from sporting events to local schools, and professional athletes to watersports novices.


What skills do you have to make a difference?
The first step towards reducing your company’s impact is to measure and understand what it is right now. A good chunk of my work is focused on calculating the carbon and plastic footprint of our brands.

Sharing my learnt knowledge on topics I deeply care about means we can educate for a lasting change. Depending on who we are working with I will share presentations to local schools and universities, create environmental curriculums and workbooks, and share information through our website and social media platforms.