Sustainable Surf

Protect ocean health and reverse climate change

Sustainable Surf is a California-based non-profit charity organization based in California. Their mission is to be the catalyst that transforms surf culture into a powerful force for protecting the ocean playground. They focus on addressing environmental impacts such as climate change related impacts, marine plastic pollution, and water quality issues that threaten our shared “surfing habitat.”

Sustainable Surf provides engaging on-ramps for individuals to make lifestyle choices that can lower their negative impacts on the ocean and coastal environment, and consult with surf related businesses and organizations to improve their environmental performance, and help communicate their efforts in an authentic and effective way.

Starboard has committed to Sustainable Surf’s Deep Blue Life iniative, reflecting on how we can take care of our oceans. Starboard’s SUP and Windsurf boards are certified Eco-Board from Sustainable Surf! Starboard also helps to support Sustainable Surf’s certified Deep Blue events.

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