Watertrek Fondation

Raising Awareness, Educating and Acting to Protect Aquatic Environments

Watertrek is an awareness-raising association dedicated to the protection of aquatic ecosystems damaged by plastic pollution, global warming, and toxic chemicals.

An actress with degrees in Foreign Languages and Cinema, Séverine hopes to increase global awareness and make this particular body of knowledge accessible by producing creative contents and developing physical initiatives that combine sup & citizen science, as a way to document the reality of environmental threats & to reconnect to nature, both on a physical and on an imaginative level.

Creativity and movement are the driving forces within Watertrek, inspiring people to shift their perspective and take action.

Among our current projects, the podcast Waterchat share inspiring stories of figures who have a special connection to nature and water (every first of the month in French for now). The Paddle & Protect initiative provide with citizen science tools used during our SUP sessions and expeditions to map ecological threats.

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