If We’re Going To Save This Planet,
We Need To Work Together

One person alone can make a difference, but working together we can totally change the world!

This is why, at Starboard and SOMWR, we partner with those who are doing good for our planet.

Together, we share learnings, and experiences and collaboratively work harmoniously to move forwards. The Oceans and the land need urgent help, and this is how we can innovate ways of doing business whilst reducing our environmental impact.

Let’s meet some of them below.

Innovation Partners

A huge thanks are shared with the partners who help reduce the environmental impact of the products we create. Without these partners, we would have not been introduced to many innovative actions that have helped reduce our impact on the planet.

Included in this is a collaboration from Parley’s AIR concept that has helped the Starboard group transition to recycled paper and cardboard packaging instead of plastic packaging. Then the Circular Economy focused Siam Cement Group assist with innovating potential new materials and solutions for waste from our Plastic Offset Program.

Likewise, thanks to Sustainable Surf’s creation of the Eco-Board certification, Starboard board’s designs follow this concept to reduce impact. Finally, Waste2Wear use recycled plastic bottles to create our board bag material, reducing reliance on virgin resources!

Mangrove Partner

Helping us restore nature whilst absorbing our CO2 footprint 10 times over, comes with the thanks to Worldview International Foundation. Using the knowledge they have grown over the last 40 years they were able to visualise how mangroves can be an effective solution to combating climate change. These miracle trees are being restored thanks to WIF. The Starboard and WIF collaboration evolved through the restoration of 1800 acres of mangrove forest, this area then became the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park. Where 3.4 million trees now stand strong.

Legislation Leader Partners

The leaders of change! The partners that inspire us, show us that anything can be done with determination, teamwork and passion. When Melati and Isabel Wijsen succeeded in the plastic bag ban in Bali, we knew their story had to be shared to educate and motivate others! On the other hand, we have the inspirational Thai Norwegian Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce. Our Environmental Team meets with their environmental sector once a month to develop pathways to protect Thailand’s Environment. A true route for lasting change!

Education Partners

Education is a necessary root for change. Engraining knowledge gives each of us, at any age, the power to protect and the power to flip and reverse the damage caused to our Oceans and Planet. Our partners listed below educate through action and nature, connecting each of us with a true sense of being, and reviving our caring minds! Click on our partner’s logo to visit their websites.

Clean Up Partners

Humans still have a long way to go when it comes to reducing the impact of plastic on the natural environment. This is why we are working with the organisations such as Trash Hero World, to teach us how to educate through action for a lasting change. Additionally, Sea Monkeys and Precious Plastic Bangkok show us how we can use this waste and give it a second life. Thanks to Sea Monkeys our HQ has our very own Precious Plastic Machine now too, woohoo!