Siam Cement Group (SCG)

Innovation That’s Real

SCG is Thailand and South East Asia’s largest and oldest cement and building material company.

The company has a huge focus on Circular Economy to contribute to the sustainable growth of each and every society and community where they now operate on a new promise “Passion for Better’.

In 2019 Starboard and SCG came together to sign an MOU so both parties could support each other in the following:

1) Finding alternative materials with lower virgin plastic content for Starboard Products.

2) Study how to utilize plastic waste & develop products.

3) Supporting SCGs CO2 mitigation plan to reduce their carbon footprint, studying and then joining Mangrove plantation.

4) In order to change behaviour and create awareness of kids and adults, SCG will join Starboard in supporting the Ambassadors For The Planet 1 year curriculum, created by Protect Blue.

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