Inkyinn Pwint

Environmental Project Coordinator

What makes you want to help the Environment?
With the ever-polluting water and air pollution, every behavior of each person that pollutes the environment is becoming a challenge for our future and for generations to come. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all of us to build a new, healthy and clean environment. So it forces me to help our environment to restore a clean and healthy environment.


What drew you to Starboard?
Since Starboard is committed to a responsible and transparent environmental program, I have learned a lot, and it’s very appealing to me that programs continue to reduce pollution and conserve the ecosystem. I eagerly join Starboard to be involved in their environmental programs.


What skills do you have to make a difference?
The current problems in most developing and underdeveloped countries are the lack of effective environmental education programs and the lack of enforcement of specific regulations. So I hope to create a better future by helping them with their much-needed educational programs together with Starboard. In addition, efforts will be made to reduce plastics and reduce carbon emissions.