Our Team Of Ocean Ambassadors

Starboards Ocean Ambassadors are not just water sports enthusiasts, they also take on the challenge of spreading awareness to protect our earth. Their mission is to inspire the world about wind, water and waves to protect what we love.

We believe we can save the planet with smart thinking, proactive decisions and word spreading. Our ocean ambassadors range from Windsurf and SUP environmental awareness expeditions, sustainable event organising, teaching children and even adults about the world we live in, how to protect it as well as protecting ourselves.

We’re going to save the planet, and we need to work together. One person can make an impact. People together can change the world. Starboards Ocean Ambassadors all follow our mission to help the planet recover as fast as possible.

Melati & Isabel Wijsen

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Cal Major

Paddle Against Plastic

Shilpika Gautam

Ganges SUP

Merijn Tinga

Plastic Soup Surfer

Catherine Friend

Soller To Soller

Carlos & Carolyn

The Whale Company

Linzi Hawkin

Protect Blue

Mike Stewart

Sustainable Surf

Stefano Bellomo

Adventure Biologist

Sian Sykes

Psyched Paddleboarding

Haley Haggerstone


Séverine Vasselin

Foundation Watertrek

Zane Schweitzer

Deep Blue Life

Alan Laubsch


Franz Orsi

Green Surf Festival

Frank Lohse

Brands For Good

Celine Jennison

Plastic Tides

Florian Jung

Deep Blue Life

Alison Wood & Jenn Wesanko

Ocean Ambassadors Canada


We SUP Thailand

Wim Pyl

Mangata Adventure


Be Brave

Melvin Palmiano

Sea Movement

Kjell Issey Van Sice

Sea Movement

Kirk Hollis

Searching the Elements

Jayne Rigby

Liverpool Sup Co.

Albert Font De Rubinat

Good Karma Projects

Dominic Chakrabongse

Precious Plastic Bangkok

Dirk Ramhorst

Sustainable Sailing

Guatemala SUP

Paddling For A Sustainable And Prosperous Lake Atitlán

Brent Allen

Riversport River Protectors

Daniel Kern

Surfrider Foundation Baden-pfalz

Brianna Orams

Blue Carbon Project

Clare Baranowski

Travel With A Paddle

Chris Hopkinson

Chesapeake Bay Paddle

Stevie Boyle

Ocean Vertical

Mariposa Dr Foundation

Educate, Empower & Inspire

Martin Casado

Escuela Del Rio De La Plata

Federico Morisio

Circular Athlete Program

Mar De Fondo

Protect And Enjoy The Oceans

Starboard-Blue-Team-Ocean-Ambassador-Daniel Sano Mirecki-OMHU-profile-400x284
Daniel Sano Mirecki