Federico Morisio


Inspiring Positive Environmental Change In Sport



My mission is to make our sport more sustainable, educate people on the oceans’ importance for life on Earth and provide them tangible solutions against climate change that they can apply in their everyday’s life. Together with Starboard I want to help produce more sustainable windsurfing products using recycled and natural materials, making easier boards to dispose of at their end life. We want to organize educational talks and programs to raise awareness, educate and inspire people to take action. All this action aims to change the way people think and act, in order to transition to a more aware and sustainable society.

My Projects

The “Circular Athlete Program” is an ambitious and long term project that aims to make me become a circular athlete, meaning: neutralize all my carbon emissions, delete all my waste and give second/continuous life to all the products I use as an athlete. To do this we calculate and compensate all my co2 emissions coming from electricity, transportation and deliveries; we’re looking for ways to calculate and limit my waste (being vegan is one of them), and finally collaborate on development and innovation with companies in different industries to create circular products. The end goal is to create a system that is applicable to any athlete in the world, giving them a guideline to become a circular athlete.

The “Windsurfing’s Most Sustainable Board” project, which is still under design, would aim to create the most sustainable windsurfing board on the market, using recycled and natural materials, and finding a way to dispose/give continuous life to the board itself or all its materials and components.

About Me

I was born and raised in Torino, Italy, until I was 19 years old. Once I finished high school I had my first trip to Hawaii that literally changed my life. Since then I became a Professional Windsurfer that competes in the Waves discipline (4th in the International Windsurfing Tour Overall Ranking), travels the world to train and create content for social media platforms; and I became more and more engaged, committed and active in the whole sustainability theme. I want to lead by example to inspire the people I engage with, work on projects that raise awareness and educate people on environmental matters and make the industries I work in become more sustainable.