Daniel Sano Mirecki


Recycling Ocean Plastic



Omhu collects Ocean Plastics during clean ups and recycles the findings. Delivering education through beach clean ups and motivating change.

About Omhu

2020 marked the year Omhu was founded by Daniel and Katrine. The surfers chose the wild west coast of Denmark for their home.

Daniel and his family made a life changing move from Copenhagen to Hvide Sande in 2019 switching corporate suits for wetsuits. Katrine moved here a few years earlier after a long career in the surf, and tourism business to found an event management bureau which now runs one of the largest surf festivals in northern Europe (Waterz).

Both Daniel and Katrine have a passion for surf, the ocean and communities and decided to found omhu: in order to motivate people to take action for a cleaner beach and cleaner oceans.

Omhu works closely with local governments, organizations and communities in order to facilitate a common focus on the environment and the importance of our nature.

Omhu arranges beach clean-ups and recycles ocean plastic into new products. The way Ohmu became a Starboard Ocean Ambassador is because they made trash pickers using clean up wast.

About Daniel & Katrine @ Omhu

Daniel left a long career in the corporate shipbroker industry for a new life with sandy feet and a dedicated focus on cleaner beaches…  whilst making time for surfing, windsurfing, and SUP.

Katrine has a passion for the ocean and has switched from a career in the surf and tourism industry to founding her own event management firm… whilst also finding time for surfing, kitesurfing, and SUP.