Max Ponce Ramiez , Founder of SUP Adventure Conepcion and Starboard Ocean Ambassador

Maximiliano Ponce Ramírez

SUP Adventure Concepción

From the south of the world, paddling for a sustainable planet.


Our Mission

The mission of SUP Adventure Concepción is to train and educate children and young people in the sport of stand-up paddleboarding, inculcating in them the values of respect, humility and teamwork while promoting environmental awareness and conservation.

We work to train elite athletes with high standards of excellence, who can compete at a
national and international level, as well as to motivate our students to be agents of change
and promoters of good environmental practices in their communities.

About SUP Adventure Concepción:

SUP Adventure Concepción was founded in 2016 in the city of Concepción, Chile by
Maximiliano Ponce Ramírez, with the objective of promoting this watersport in the area.

At that time, stand-up paddleboarding was not well known in Chile so we saw an opportunity to introduce it into the local sporting culture. From the beginning, the school has focused on providing quality education, not only in technical terms but also on values such as respect and social responsibility. Through hard work and effort, the school has earned a reputation as a training ground for high-performance athletes, which has allowed them to participate in numerous regional, national and international competitions.

SUP Adventure Concepción is not only interested in obtaining sporting achievements but also in making its athletes and the community, in general, aware of the importance of protecting and preserving the environment. As a team, we know that caring for nature is essential for the future of this sport. After having accumulated thousands of kilometers paddled, we have been able to notice the damage that human activity has caused in the sea, lakes, lagoons and wetlands of the area, which has motivated us to participate and organize events aimed at the recovery of these natural spaces.

Paddling for the Planet

Our school, in its commitment to the environment and the local community, has initiated an environmental project in which beach and lagoon cleanups are carried out with the
participation of its students and members of the community. These initiatives not only help to keep the environment clean and healthy but also raise awareness about the importance of taking care of it.

The school has set out to expand its reach and involve public schools in the area as part of this project. The objective is to provide environmental education and teach the students about SUP safety tips and techniques. To achieve this goal, the school plans to offer workshops and educational talks to public school students on topics such as environmental conservation, the importance of keeping bodies of water clean, and SUP safety. In addition, practical lessons will be organized where students will learn basic paddling techniques under the supervision of trained instructors.

This project is expected to be the beginning of a series of initiatives that will involve the community in the protection and conservation of the local environment by promoting the responsible use of bodies of water and the practice of water sports in a safe and sustainable manner.