Melvin Palmiano


Preserving The Natural Resources and Beauty Of Siargao Island


About SEA Movement

Siargao Environmental Awareness (S.E.A.) Movement is a collaborative effort that seeks to preserve the beauty of Siargao Island by protecting its natural geographical setting and raising awareness to people towards change. It acts to connect networks of passionate people with unique skills that are willing to contribute to creating sustainable solutions to address the island’s environmental problems.

The interdisciplinary principle has been covering every project since then. The organization has four annexes located in Santa Fe, Poblacion 3, Catangnan and another one is based in Surigao City. As the movement believes that the environmental conservation is everyone’s responsibility, this expansion has been intentionally made for the purpose of extending the influence of the movement’s advocacy and spreading awareness and information on the protection of the environment even outside Siargao Island.

About Melvin

Melvin pioneered SUP in South Korea in 2007 and as result, SUP opened up many opportunities to travel around the world, make new friendships, but unfortunately, also see firsthand the damage single-use plastics and overconsumption was inflicting on the oceans and the environment.

 As a community, on both small and global scale, we need to take control of our choices, our consumption habits and actions in terms of single-use plastics. Whether on his own or by helping to organize local community beach cleans such as #JukdoClean, Melvin has always stressed personal responsibility for protecting the environment and picking up after ourselves. But of as of 2018, after 18 years of residing in Gangneung and trying to keep it clean. A change was needed. That change brought the family to Siargao Island, Philippines. Home of the world-renowned “Cloud 9” but also home to the Siargao Environmental Awareness Movement (S.E.A.Movement). A community that shared the same passion, thoughts, and actions towards protecting and trying to preserve a simple way of life and a beautiful island that is at risk of becoming another Bali and Boracay.

 Melvin needed a change and a new challenge. His wife had the idea of moving to Siargao. Initially, against the idea, Melvin eventually relented with the goal of becoming a member of the Siargao Environmental Awareness (S.E.A.) Movement.