Mar De Fondo


Protect And Preserve The Beauty Of Our Oceans



Raise people’s awareness to protect and preserve the beauty of our island, reconnecting them with nature through the practice of water sports in the Balearic Sea.

About Us

Since we were kids, we have learned to enjoy the wind, the waves and the incredible underwater life that we have on our island, Mallorca. Over time, we have seen how marine ecosystems have deteriorated due to its lack of care, leading to a decrease in marine life and biodiversity.

 Our roots and passion for nature have led us to launch Mar de Fondo whose main objective is to educate people to respect, care and enjoy the natural environment through sports activities.We want to transmit that as young people we can create projects that are born with the idea of helping and contributing to society and the world in which we live, involving the local community to protect and care for the natural environment.

 Education and awareness are the first steps towards sustainable actions.

About Mar de Fondo

Mar de Fondo is a non-profit organization from the island of Mallorca that is dedicated to raise awareness of the human impact on earth by bringing people closer to the marine environment through sports activities.

 To achieve this goal we create experiences, educational programs and events that involve environmental awareness and sports, transmitting an active, healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle, so that they appreciate themselves and the environment in which they live.

 We live in a society in which lifestyles are characterized by sedentary behaviors, increasing obesity, stress, mental health problems and the disconnection of humans with nature, having strong negative effects on our health and that of our planet. These changes mean that we are less likely to lead active lifestyles, as we spend more time in built environments and less time in natural environments. For this reason, from Mar de Fondo we want to promote the conservation and protection of our island based on three pillars: health, sports and environmental education. We have detected that combining these pillars is how we can best raise awareness and educate our society.