Clare Baranowski


Using Marine Education As a Tool For Positive Change


About Travel With Paddle

Travel With A Paddle combines a love of stand up paddle and environmental education. We offer travel opportunities for ocean lovers by combining flat water and SUP surfing coaching with hands-on eco-learning and conservation research.


About Clare

Clare is a marine biologist with a passion for paddle boarding.

Her career in marine conservation has spanned over ten years with an expertise in tropical marine biology. Clare’s work has taken her to live in Belize, Maldives, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. She currently specialises in manta ray research and in the past has carried out coral reef restoration, turtle conservation and sustainability development.

During Travel With A Paddle trips, Clare teaches about ocean conservation by taking clients out snorkelling, beach combing, rock pooling and hiking, showing them the natural world and then backing this up with presentations and discussions on marine conservation and sustainability.

Clare’s aim is to offer immersive experiences in the ocean which will help change the way people interact with the environment in their everyday lives at home.

Conservation and SUP

“It’s all about spreading conservation awareness to help protect our one ocean. I have seen first-hand the effects that plastic, over-fishing and ocean acidification have on the environment and I want to encourage and involve more people to join the fight in creating a better future.”

SUPs allow us to explore the marine environment without sound disturbance. We’re able to view marine ecosystems in their natural form and learn first hand. It’s a fantastic teaching tool as I can ensure our clients get close up and personal with the subject I am teaching.