Daniel Kern


“Our planet is beautiful with all its goods and bad. We need to start protecting it with all its lovely creatures because we only have one earth and we will never get a second chance.”



The Surfrider Foundation Europe is an NPO dedicated to the defense, rescue, improvement and maintenance of the oceans, coasts, waves and the people who use and enjoy them. This is done sustainably through education and awareness-raising, research, lobbying against pollution, lobbying against coastal development, local actions, public mobilization and protests, and the manufacture and sale of products of the non-profit organization’s brand

Projects of Surfrider Foundation Baden-Pfalz

Daniel founded the Baden-Pfalz chapter of the Surfrider Foundation in Europe. They run several campaigns including clean-ups alongside rivers and educational booths where they host live talks to people about Surfrider Foundation. They also host DIY workshops (making soap and shower gels or tissues out of beeswax paper etc). Right now they’re working on a program for German schools. Their aim is to raise awareness, within every age group, for the ongoing problems concerning our planet.

Daniels newest personal project outside the Surfrider Foundation is called “SUPer Kids“. This consists of having weekly meetings with kids and teens to explain the worldwide pollution of seas and nature so they understand that now‘s the time to make a change and to make the world a healthier place. His aim is to help them to realize that we have to work for our planet and not against it. Daniel is really looking forward to seeing which solutions they might come up with when they start to see the world through the eyes of our children

Surfrider Foundation Europe

The Surfrider Foundation Europe is an independent organization with its headquarters in Biarritz (France). From there, the activities are coordinated and supported across Europe. The majority of the chapters are located on the French Atlantic coast with their numerous surf spots. Other countries with active groups are Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Spain and Austria. Across Europe there are around 5,000 members, 1,000 volunteers in 40 chapters and 15,000 supporters for the Surfrider Foundation.

There are currently three active chapters in Germany, Baden-Palatinate, Berlin and Hamburg. The chapters are committed to the coasts, seas, rivers and lakes in Germany. The Chapter Bas-Rhin is based in Strasbourg, the Chapter Swiss Lakes in Richterswil on Lake Zurich.