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Turning Trash Into Cash!



Precious Plastic Bangkok wants to change people’s perceptions of plastic trash, showing that plastic pollution doesn’t have to end like that but can actually be turned into something with real value.

About Precious Plastic

Precious Plastic Bangkok is a community-based recycling organisation working with local communities to build simple plastic recycling machines that can turn trash into cash.

We work with local communities, schools, and universities to collect and recycle plastic waste to then be manufactured into new exciting products using our open-source, cheap, and easy to assemble machines. Our machines shred, melt, and mould plastic waste into new creative shapes and forms including lamp shades, bowls, cups – whatever your imagination can come up with! This means that trash that once clogged canals and littered Bangkok’s streets can have a new life rather than ending up in our rivers or our seas.

Precious Plastic Bangkok’s ultimate goal is to build recycling workspaces in communities across the city to help empower local people, schools, and other communal spaces to reduce plastic pollution in their local area and also provide a new source of income to improve their quality of life and enhance their community spirit. We now have seven communities working with us on this exciting adventure.

We also want to expand our plastic collection capabilities through people donating plastic to us from all over the country, and also through our network of plastic drop-off locations (volunteering restaurants/cafes/local community centres or hubs) where people can bring their clean, used plastic. We now have over 50 of these locations across Bangkok.

Please join us in our journey: We are always looking for new product ideas, inspirational communities, drop-off locations, organisations to work with, and of course volunteers to help us in achieving a goal where plastic is seen as a precious resource that is too important to throw away.

Precious Plastic

Turning Trash Into Cash!