Carbon Dioxide is the greenhouse gas that is most affected by human activity. It is emitted across the world, as each country burns fossil fuels contributing to the increased warming of the planet. 73.2% of greenhouse gas emissions stem from the energy sector, in particular; energy use in industry, transport and buildings. Following this, 18.4% is released from agriculture, forestry and land use from the actions of livestock farming and manure, agricultural soils, crop burning and deforestation. Emissions from the chemical and cement industry make up 5.2% of emissions, whilst waste from landfills and wastewater accounts for 3.2% of the emissions.

Starboard-Blue-Mangroves-World Spread of CO2-Emissions-by-sector--pie-charts-infographic

The map from Our World In Data shows how much CO2 is emitted per capita within each country. The darker areas are countries where more CO2 is emitted. Hovering across the map allows you to see more information.


Carbon Dioxide travels with the currents of the planet. Meaning, that any CO2 emitted affects everyone on the planet as the CO2 adds to the imbalance of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Starboard & SOMWR’s aim is to reduce the emissions made from our work, to align with the Paris Agreement. Our efforts assist our pathway of making our Scope 1 & 2 targets Net-Zero by 2030.

Starboard and SOMWR have firstly installed Solar panels to provide over 100% of the energy at the Headquarters in Thailand with an aim to reduce CO2 emissions. Further efforts are made to use materials with a lower carbon footprint (link to innovations page), whilst also working with suppliers to use renewable energy at production sites. Each year we calculate our carbon footprint and publish this annually (Link to carbon footprint page). When we calculate we can identify areas where we can reduce our emissions as well as know how many mangroves we need to plant to absorb these emissions 10X across the next 25 years.

Once we are signed up with SBTi again we can add this, thanks to the help of the Science-Based Targets initiative.