For every board, Starboard plants 3 Mangroves, offsetting the board’s CO2 emissions more than 10X over.

For every board you buy, Starboard plants 3 mighty mangrove trees with Worldview International Foundation. The 3 Mangroves draw down a total of 2019 kg CO2 (3 x 673 kg) over 25 years. Half of this (1008 kg) goes to offsetting the board’s emissions 10X over; an average emission of a Starboard is 100 kg CO2. The other half gets sold as carbon credits, where the proceeds go to supporting livelihoods in vulnerable coastal communities.

Additionally to the 3 Mangroves per board, we calculate and report Starboard’s total carbon footprint annually across scopes 1, 2 and 3. We then offset these emissions 10X over, as well as the footprints of events we have supported, leaving us to be 10X Climate Positive. Through our footprint calculations and offsetting, we aim to be completely transparent about our impact on the planet, as well as to showcase a way of turning negatives into positives.


The Mighty Mangrove

Mighty Mangrove
Starboard's customers contribute to supporting livelihoods, enhancing biodiversity, and protecting shoreline areas most affected by climate change.

More than carbon offsetting

Mangroves are the world’s only saltwater tree and sink down 5 times more CO2 than an average terrestrial tree. Moreover, The Mighty Mangrove increases marine life by about 50% and enhances biodiversity both below and above water. Worldview International Foundation focuses on vulnerable areas most affected by climate change. Thus, the planting areas and their communities often depend upon the mangroves’ effective shoreline protection from extreme weather, sea level rise and erosion, as well as sustainable development provided by WIFs Climate Parks.

Thereby, Starboard’s customers contribute to supporting livelihoods, enhancing biodiversity, and protecting shoreline areas most affected by climate change.


10X Climate Positive

Our customers have already contributed to planting 2 million mangroves in Myanmar! Whatever Starboard you’re riding you’re helping the environment. We encourage you to share about how reforestation naturally restores the climate balance, even for Carbon intensive industries, like board production. Within the next 25 years, all of Starboard’s CO2 emissions since 1994 will be absorbed, and all emissions since 2017 will be compensated for 10X over.

Why Mangroves?

Mature mangroves growing in Myanmar.

The Mighty Mangrove

Each of us generates an average of 4.7-tonne CO2 emissions per year, the major cause of our climate problems. Mangroves are some of the most efficient green machines to help counter this, as one tree absorbs 673 kg of VCS CO2 over 25 years. Further, each mature tree produces enough oxygen for four people.

Mangroves also protect coastal lives and properties from extreme weather and increase ocean life by 50%, as well as the area’s general biodiversity. Starboard’s initial aim is to plant 100 million mangrove trees together with WIF, absorbing 67,3 million tons of CO2. There is a potential to plant over one billion mangroves on available land in Myanmar.

As other countries follow, with your help, our pioneering venture might become a milestone in human history.


Our Carbon Footprint

Each year we will calculate and disclose our Carbon Footprint in the following report. Please click to download the PDFs. Our reports will be as transparent as possible and we welcome your questions and comments concerning all the info presented.

10 x Climate Positive

Starboard and SOMWR take carbon footprinting beyond the basic steps of measuring and offsetting to become carbon neutral. We raise our efforts to limit climate change effects, helping nature to become strong once again. Planting 10X the number of mangroves needed to absorb each 1 tonne of CO2 released through our actions.

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