Carbon Footprint Reports

Each year we will calculate and disclose our Carbon Footprint in the following report. Please click to download the PDFs.

Our reports will be as transparent as possible and we welcome your questions and comments concerning all the info presented.
Please help forward all your ideas on how to reduce our print further and how to present our calculations better and email us at

To find out more about how we offset our carbon emissions and became 10 x climate positive, go to the Mangrove project.


Starboard 2021 Carbon Footprint Report chart

2021 Carbon Footprint Report

With Carbon Dioxide being the greenhouse gas that changes the most due to human activity, we need to take meaningful steps to reduce it! To enable us to reduce our CO2 emissions, we must first understand where  CO2 emissions are emitted from within the business. Moving from here, we analyse the data and find ways to reduce it. Starboard has been monitoring our Carbon Footprint since 2017. The diagram shows an overview of CO2 emissions across Starboard’s workings. Take a look at our reports for a full breakdown of our emissions.


SOMWR Carbon Footprint Report Summary

2021 Carbon Footprint Report

From the beginning, SOMWR has taken steps to be the best clothing brand for the planet. Whilst also taking measures to ensure the materials used by the brand release the least amount of CO2, and use the least amount of water, there are still areas where we need to monitor and reduce. Such as areas of travel for the staff and electricity usage. The pie chart shows an overview of where emissions are emitted across SOMWR. View the full report to learn more!

Have You Heard About Our Offsetting Programs?

The Plastic Disclosure Project is an initiative that requests annual reporting and transparency regarding the production, use and handling of plastic and plastic waste by organisations.

Carbon Offset Program

Starboard is completely transparent about its role as an industrial producer and we are taking responsibility for our carbon footprint.

Plastic Offset Program

Starboard is guilty in playing a role in the plastic industry, but we are playing a part of the solution by offsetting our whole plastic.