Reducing Carbon Emissions at Events

Our aim is to reduce negative impacts towards our environment in as many areas as possible. Starboard support various sporting events to absorb the emissions of those who travel to the event. For some events the electricty usage has also been covered.
Depending on the event, Starboard make these events carbon neutral or carbon positive through planting mangrove trees.

Carbon neutral events have 1 mangrove planted for every 1 tonne of CO2 emissions identified in calculations.
Carbon positive events will have more than 1 mangrove planted per 1 tonne of CO2 emissions identified in calculations.
10 x carbon positive events will have 10 mangroves planted per 1 tonne of CO2 emissions identified in calculations.

The aim of supporting these events is to help individuals be aware that everything they do creates a CO2 impact of some sort. Once you know your impact, you can work on ways to reduce your emissions and use nature to sink down the remaining equivalent.

Check out the events we’ve supported below.


iQFoiL Events

Starboard’s iQFoil Equipment has been selected as the official equipment for the Windsurfing discipline at the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to show the world just how easily we can reduce and offset the environmental impacts of sports events.

Each iQFoil event in the lead up to Paris 2024 will be made 10 x Climate Positive!


SUP Events

From the SUP World Championships to charity expeditions, paddle festivals to national competitions, we have been helping SUP events and organisations to mitigate and reduce their environmental impact.

Windsurf Events

SOMWR and Starboard have been working around the world to reduce and mitigate the environmental impact of Windsurfing Events. We have been working to offset and improve some of the biggest competitions with the PWA, EFPT and Defi Wind.

FreeWing Events - Coming Soon

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Other Eco-Action Events

It’s not all SUP, Foil or Windsurf though, Starboard and SOMWR are also providing environmental support to events outside of the watersports bubble. Over the years we have calculated and offset the emissions for scientific expeditions, trade shows and distributor meetings as well.