Our mission is not only to make the best boards in the world, but also the best boards for the world

It’s no secret that starboard creates the best boards on the planet, the top choice of champions and beginners alike. As dedicated as starboard is to quality and innovation, another factor is central to our business and our boards – the environment.

Check out how we keep your board blue for the ocean.


Fins & Boxes From Upcycled Fish Nets

Fins and fin boxes are made from 70% recycled material – this includes recycled industrial yarn and old fishing nets! The material also provides improved stiffness and outperforms previous virgin plastic fins.


Armacore Fins

Armacore fins have been designed to contribute to the circular economy. Meaning, that the recyclable resin and fabrics can be used again for fins when they come to their end of life. It works by soaking the fins in an acid solution separating the materials. The acid solution is easily recovered to a safe level for disposal through neutralisation. This process reduces CO2 produced from the extraction of raw materials and production, whilst also preserving the natural resource of the planet. Read more here.



Starboard’s ditched the usual chemical resin in favour of a bio-based alternative with 35% of its molecular structure originating from plants. This plant-based, low/zero VOC epoxy resin maintains superior performance with lower impact on the environment.


Less EPS Foam

The last thing we want is more Styrofoam in our oceans – that’s why the boards use precision-moulded EPS with absolutely zero EPS foam waste.


Paint Pigment

Our iconic Starboard blue is also part of our agenda to protect the big blue. We use impregnated paint pigment for our race and carbon balsa construction boards, which means that less paint is sprayed to colour the boards. All other technologies have reduced paint consumption by 33%. This not only releases fewer toxins into the environment but also reduces the overall weight of the board and leads to fewer paint chips and scratches!


Bottle To Bag

Both composite and inflatable board bags will be made using upcycled PET material from Waste2Wear! These ultra strong board bags have half the carbon footprint of virgin material and utilize an average of 14 plastic bottles per board bag.


Paddle Picks

With each paddle you will receive a free Paddle Pick. You can attach this little accessory made by recycled fishing nets to your paddle to easily pick up floating pieces of trash while you are out for a paddle. Join us in keeping our waterways clean!


Textiles Used In Apparel

When selecting appropriate materials for our apparel lines, we evaluate the life cycle of the products materials. Our aim is to use the material with the least impact to the planet during production and use.



Plastic has been totally eliminated from our packaging. Now our packaging is made from a mix of recycled paper or recycled cardboard, anything that is not recycled is made from certified Forest Stewardship council (FSC) paper. Certified FSC paper allows for sustainable sourcing of wood from forests with practices to help secure a long term source of paper.


End Of Life

At Starboard, we are consistently taking steps to avoid our products going to landfill at the end of their lives. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us to show us your up-cycling projects, or if you want to share any scalable ideas to help! Our email address is: blue@star-board.com