Starboard Textiles

Scientists, the fashion industry and certification bodies are tirelessly working to find materials with the least impact. Considering this, Starboard uses the information available to judge what is best for our products right now.

Over the years, our products have been made from Polyester and Cotton. Our learnings have helped us transition to using Recycled Polyester and Organic Cotton. Each year, we calculate our carbon and plastic footprint with this in mind, offsetting our impact as we go.

Reducing our impact is much more powerful than just offsetting, which is why we are aiming to reduce our reliance on polyester and recycled polyester material due to the shedding of microplastics. Where possible our products use Organic Cotton. Importantly, some of our products are made from recycled polyester until we find a better alternative.


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is known to reduce water consumption by up to 91% and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 45%. The way organic cotton is farmed retains the soil’s fertility. It eliminates the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers and much more! Supporting biodiversity whilst also reducing toxicity to the environment when compared to traditionally grown cotton. Instead of using electricity consuming irrigation systems to water the cotton plants, organic cotton is 80%- 90% rain-fed. Starboard’s organic cotton is grown and manufactured in China and then distributed across the world. We aim to manufacture and grow cotton in the same country to reduce CO2 emissions further. Importantly, we still have a way to go as a couple of our towel items are still made from standard cotton. Learn more about Organic Cotton here.


Recycled Polyester

Products worn in water such as water shirts, lycras and shorts are made from recycled polyester. The reason we use this material is due to its quick drying nature and breathability. The recycled polyester fibres contribute to 89% of that product’s material.

It is important to note that we still have a way to go, with some products still being made from virgin polyester. When washing our polyester and recycled polyester products, we highly recommend using a Guppy Bag or another microplastic filter to trap as many micro or nano fibres as possible from reaching the waters. Meanwhile, Starboard will continue to have our ear on the ground for less impactful materials!