Social compliance is an ongoing process by which we endeavor to protect the health, safety, and rights of our employees, community and environment as well as the lives and communities of workers in our supply and distribution chains.


Tiki Code of Conduct

In this document, you will find our formal policies on social and environmental principles, conflict resolution and confidentiality. These policies are put in place to ensure a good work environment, healthy business relationships and a happy Tiki family.


Supplier Code of Conduct

For every worker connected to all SESTAR brands we are committed to promoting a fair, safe, and non-discriminatory working environment. This supplier code of conduct acts as a support for this commitment and defines the requirements which must be met to do business with any SESTAR brand.


Supply Chain Transparency

As a member of the Fair Labor Association, working towards accreditation, we are commited to being more transparent about our supply chain by publicly sharing a list of all the tier 1 suppliers who produce SESTAR products. Being open and honest about our supply chain is one way we can promote accountability and take responsibility for working conditions in all of the factories we work with.


Get In Touch

If you are work for one of our production partners or suppliers and you have any issues in your workplace

that you feel unable to share with your employer, please reach out to us confidentially via one of the links below.