Since 2017 Starboard has grown their focus on social and environmental projects to protect the oceans that we love to enjoy and immerse ourselves in. Over this time we’ve planted 2,000,000 mangrove trees with the Worldview International Foundation, Myanmar.

We also calculated and released our first carbon footprint report, and with the help of Plastic Disclosure Project we established the first-ever Plastic Offset Program. Starboard were even invited to participate in the first UN conference in New York and we were over the moon to participate! Also, we are consistently fighting to bring more plastic legislations into place which we can then add to our world plastic legislation map! The list goes on…

In 2018 we became a certified B-Corp company as we met the rigorous standards set out by B-Corp. These strict standards allow us to ensure we are creating a positive impact for our employees, the community around us and of course, the environment. Overall, allowing us to use business as a force for good.

B-Corp companies are something you can be searching for when you are out and about buying your own items, whether its a cup of coffee, a new t-shirt or a mortgage, take a look for the B-Corp standard stamp. Having the B-Corp standard as part of your business is like having a Fairtrade stamp on food and clothing items. When you purchase a product from a B-Corp of Fairtrade company, you are choosing to support the community of business who care about their environmental and social standards. Resulting in a positive impact on the industry, driving positive change and positive impacts to not only people’s lives but also the environment.

Starboard will continue to work to the B-Corp standard, thinking green and making each and every year more positive year than the last. Continuing to build high-performance eco-boards, reducing and absorbing more CO2 emissions by planting mangrove trees, reducing plastic usage and retrieving marine litter, all to develop our #DeepBlue life together with you in mind!

We do not only want to be the best business in the world, but also the best for the world.

To see a complete breakdown on how Starboard ranks with B-Corp, check out our profile on the B-Corp website