We use our business as a force for good & a drive for change.
See how Starboard is pushing for regulations on single-use plastic.

Starboard and SOMWR are advocates for the ocean and consider marine plastic to be their greatest offender. That is why we are pushing for better regulations on the irresponsible use of single-use plastics.

Our efforts start at our Headquarters as an epicentre for a single-use plastic ban. With inspiration from Isabel and Melati Wijsen (Bye Bye Plastic Bags) who managed to eradicate single-use plastic bags in Bali. Radiating from here our company uses our business as a force for change.

Energy from our Environmental team is spent working with the local Chambers of Commerce and attending United Nations events to lobby for change, the implementation of taxes for plastics, and sharing knowledge of sustainable efforts within business. By transferring our learnings, we can explain where mistakes were made and what our successes are, with the ambition to create good quality solutions fast. To help our planet recover as quickly as possible.

Notably, Starboard first proposed a tax on the use of plastic materials at an Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Event in 2017. An area our team pushes for change during our monthly meetings with the environmental team from the Chamber of Commerce. Further topics covered in these meetings include our efforts to bring forward the use of renewable energy for businesses within Thailand.