Plastic Offset Program (POP)

Our amazing POP teams heads out to clean the beaches of Pattaya and Chon Buri around 4 times a week (and even more in monsoon season), collecting a whopping 11,000kg per month on average.

Trash Hero

Starboard is super proud to be running the Trash Hero Bangkok chapter from our Taco Lake headquarters. Every Thursday at 4.30pm you can find a team of local volunteers, Starboard crew and even local schools and organizations getting involved in making our neighborhood trash free!

Ambassadors & Partners

We aren’t the only people doing our bit to clean up planet earth. Our partners and ocean ambassadors are taking action against plastic all over the world by cleaning up our beaches and waterways.

Global Clean-ups

When we all come together we have the power to make a real difference. Check out how our global community are joining forces to take on the problem of plastic in our environment.