At Starboard we are always looking for ways to reuse and up-cycle the materials we all ready have. So when Starboard Ocean Ambassador Wim Pyl from Mangata Adventure showed us how to turn our old catalogues into beautiful envelopes, we thought we should share with you all at home!

In this article we are going to walk you through the process of turning your old Starboard Catalogue (or any catalogue for that matter) into beautiful up-cycled envelopes. Perfect for sending cards, gifts and letters, or even just for storing mementos at home!

If you would rather learn via video, there is one at the end of this article just for you.

Items needed to create an up-cycled envelope.

All you need are the following items:

  1. Brochure or catalogue
  2. Invisible adhesive tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Ruler
  5. Pencil
  6. Marker pen or Address label (Optional)

1. Pick A Catalogue Page

Browse through your Starboard brochure. Which pages do you like the most? No need to be too picky though, every layout has its own unique charms.

2. Tear Out Your Page

Tear (or cut) out all the pages you want turn into your up-cycled envelopes.

3. Measure & Cut

If you already know what you want to put in your envelope, now is the time to get it out and measure it.

Measure the width (short side) of your card using a ruler, multiply this number by 2 and add 4cm. Mark this measurement along the long edge of your catalogue page using a pencil.

Measure the length (longer side) of your card using a ruler. Mark this length across the width of the catalogue page, starting at each end of your first measurement.

Connect these lines to create a rectangle and cut along the lines to create the base for your up-cycled envelope.

If you don’t know what you’re going to put in to your envelope yet, no problem. We recommend making the biggest envelope you can by simply trimming off any torn edges.

4. Fold Your Envelope

Fold your page almost in half leaving a 3cm gap at the top – this will become the sealing flap of your up-cycled envelope.

5. Tape The Envelope Edges

Tape along sides 1, 2 & 3 (as marked on the image below) to seal your envelope. You will notice that side 2 is already closed so you don’t need to tape this edge, however we find that the extra tape provides more strength during shipping.

6. Add The Finishing Touches

Cut or fold the top corners of your sealing flap and fold over.

Turn over your envelope and add an address label. Using an address label is optional, you can always add an address directly onto the envelope with a dark coloured marker pen.

7. Enjoy Your Unique Up-Cycled Envelope!

We would love to see how you’re up-cycling our catalogues so join our Facebook Group ‘Starboard Blue Life’ and share your successes!

Finished up-cycled envelopes ready to be used.
The Final Product! We Have Been Using Our Up-Cycled Envelopes To Send Gift Cards And Vouchers – What Are You Using Yours For?

Check Out Our Quick ‘How To’ Video To See Up-Cycling In Action


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