Deep Blue Life = engaged and aware ocean advocates, taking action to protect the health and the future of our environment, and dedicated to a more ocean-friendly way of life.

Iballa, speaks up to the Moreno Twins ‘ Deep Blue Life.

Moreno Twins | Deep Blue Life

Photo Credit: Moreno Twins

What environmental issue is most important to you as an ocean athlete? What do you do to fight this problem?

We do a lot of things but it’s never enough!! From beach cleaning once in a while to recycling to refusing the use of plastics (grocery store, shops, restaurants).

But there is so much more we can do. Since we are athletes, we can especially be a role model for all the people around the world to do the same.

Windsurf Plastic Ride from morenotwins on Vimeo.

What does it mean to you to ride an eco-board?

It’s amazing what Starboard has done in the sport—changing the vision of the company to address the environment. It has taught us as riders lots of things about what we can do to live in a better world. We are proud to be part of the team and ride eco-boards.

Deep Blue Life | Moreno Twins

Photo Credit: Moreno Twins

What other actions, big or small, do you take to help the environment?

Little things like posting about sustainability on our social media hopefully serves as an example for the people around the world. Sometimes when we are just walking on the beach searching for wind and waves, we see the ocean brought a lot of plastics to the shore and we clean it up. We also avoid the use of plastics in general and encourage other people to do the same, recycle always… etc.

What motivates you to care about the health of the oceans and the environment? Any cool stories to share?

Last year I went surfing and I saw a turtle come up to me. It was dragging a huge plastic bag. I took it on my SUP, back to the shore. The turtle had plastic around its neck and the rest of its body. It looked like it was fighting with it for a long time.

It was a miracle the turtle came to me and I saw it… This situation was eye-opening.

This experience motivates me to learn more about the environment and learn about possible ways to improve and refuse the use of plastics that are contaminating our oceans.

Deep Blue Life | Moreno Twins

Photo Credit: Alfredo Vera

Do you have an ‘eco goal’ for the new year that Starboard can help you achieve?

To use fewer plastics in general and recycle more! Continue with our beach cleaning and help in every way we can and to encourage people to do the same.

We love the initiative from Starboard not only to make the best board of the world but also the best board for the world.

Deep Blue Life | Moreno Twins

Photo Credit: Moreno Twins

What message do you want to pass on to the next generation of ocean athletes & ambassadors?

We need to all give to the earth, what the earth has given us. Global warming is a huge problem and we all need to address it now.

Anything else you’d like to share?

We are still learning every day about what we can do to live in a better world. Companies like Starboard are setting a great example of how to do ‘business for good’.

Moreno Twins | Deep Blue Life

Photo Credit: Moreno Twins


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