We’re going to be blunt: future generations will not be able to enjoy the water like we do unless we start working to lessen humanity’s impact on the environment, right now.

That’s why every decision we make at Starboard will first require an answer to the question: what does this decision do to the planet? 

To encourage both accountability and participation, we’re documenting it all on a new website: Star-board.Blue. Starboard’s mission statement has been long found in our tagline: ‘innovation quality’. Now, we want to use our sport to help spread the message about cleaning up the planet and reducing our impact, using innovation quality – sourcing materials from ecologically-friendly places, evolving the way we build boards, and helping inform our riders and customers how to paddle for a better planet. 

We’ve also formed partnerships with 5  key organizations we think are doing great things to improve the health of our planet: Parley.tv, Sustainable Surf, WaterTrek, Trash Hero  and finally, the Thor Heyerdahl Mangrove Park in Myanmar. 

Starboard.Blue is  an one-stop hub for all the information about our eco-initiatives –with  ways for us to help  environment. Don’t worry: purchasing a board is not even close to required.How you can help?

Start with filter more CO2 out of the atmosphere by planting a mangrove, picking up a pocketful of plastic, or simply living a #DeepBlue life. (Click here to find out what that is.)

We have, of course, also given ourselves a mandate: we’ll plant a mangrove for every board purchased, in addition to the mangroves we’ll plant to off-set our entire carbon footprint.

Our final cause? Promoting sustainable living early on through our SUPKids program – designed to build the stoke early, while teaching kids the tools they need to be responsible global citizens.