Plastic Legislation

Starboard is an advocate for the ocean and considers marine plastic to be its greatest offender. That is why we are pushing for better regulations on the irresponsible use of single-use plastics.

Starboard was deeply inspired by the Bye Bye Plastic Bag girls – Isabel and Melati – who managed to push for a ban of single-use plastic bags in Bali.

We want to see change happen and are currently lobbying our proposal for a tax on the use of plastic materials and the ban of several single-use plastics in Thailand. This proposal was first presented by Starboard’s environmental team at ASEAN.

Just as plastic bag fees have proven to reduce the consumption by 80%, we would like to see a similar reduction with other products. Starboard sees single-use plastic as absolute unnecessary and is encouraging everyone to avoid them.

To achieve this we partner with the UN, chambers of commerce and ambassadors. We educate children at schools and decision makers in business and politics. And we showcase that solutions are not so hard to find – we just need to commit to help our planet recover as fast as possible.