Ready to protect the planet but don’t know where to start ?

2017 has only just started but it’s already been a pretty heavy one in terms of environmental issues. It’s easy for us all to start feeling overwhelmed, and all too often when we feel overwhelmed we don’t take any action. So we figured we’d give you five simple shifts you can make that will really make a difference.

Stop using single use plastic

Did you know that 33% of plastic is used once and then thrown away ?! Plastic doesn’t biodegrade – that means every single piece of plastic ever produced is still in existence. Crazy thought huh ? What’s worse is that over time, plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, making it almost impossible to clean up, especially when so much of it ends up in the ocean.

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So make a commitment today to say no to single use plastics – it’s really not a difficult thing to do and can make a real impact. Say no to straws. Stop buying bottled water (carry your own bottle with you). Invest in some bamboo cutlery that you can keep in your bag when you’re on the road. Take your own flask to the coffee shop, and throw some reusable bags in your car so you never need to use plastic ones.

You’ll be amazed how much more aware you’ll become of plastic consumption and how your actions can motivate others to do the same.

Educate yourself

We’re all being bombarded with information these days. From news channels to social media, we’re hearing more and more about environmental issues. And sometimes it feels impossible to know who to believe. So rather than simply assuming that every news story is factual, get out there and educate yourself. It’s all too easy to sit in front of our tv’s and have an opinion – but you’re unlikely to make a difference that way. Knowledge is power – Learn more about the issues that concern your local community and find out how you can help.

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Spend more time in the ocean

Ahh this is an easy one right ?! Spending more time on the water has been scientifically proven to improve your wellbeing. But it does more than that, it connects you to nature. Here at SUPKids, we believe that when kids fall in love with an outdoor sport, they fall in love with the outdoors…. and when kids love the environment, they’ll become ambassadors for taking care of it. But this doesn’t just apply to kids…. it’s the same with us too ! Think back to a time when you introduced a friend to SUP, think about how stoked they were and the experience they had. If we want more people to take care of our planet, then we’ve got to connect people back to nature again ! Grab an office-bound friend and take them out on the water this weekend.

Vote with your wallet

With all the bad news racing around it’s not surprising that so many people feel disempowered. But we have to remember, that we can all be part of the solution. Each and every one of us is a consumer, which means each and every one of us can vote with our wallets.

Before you spend money, spend some time learning a bit more about the companies you purchase from. Go online and read up about their sustainability policies. Ask questions. Business doesn’t have to be a dirty word – There are plenty of awesome companies out there who make great products, take good care of their people & our planet.

Eat clean

The choices we make about what we eat are having multiple repercussions on the environment. If you’ve done your homework on climate change, you’ll know that the way we’re currently eating is not sustainable. Choosing to eat less meat (or no meat at all) is a super smart way to downsize your carbon footprint.

But it’s not just the actual food we eat that has an impact. The way that our food is produced, the packaging it comes in and the miles it has travelled to get to your plate all add up. Get to know your local farmers, eat whole foods, buy what’s in season and stick to buying stuff from the store that has 5 ingredients or less.


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