Get On Board

Sometimes the challenges on our planet can be overwhelming. Here are some practical things you can make part of your lifestyle to make our environment healthier.


Use a reusable water bottle

Always carry a reusable bottle with you and refill it when you need to. Much of bottled water is actually glorified tap water. 100 million plastic bottles are used worldwide everyday – contributing to the crisis that is the current state of our planet. Plastic bottles, which were introduced 50 years ago due to increased water pollution, now have a big role in the plastic pollution. Ironic, isn’t it?

Sonni reusable bottle
Carry a reusable bag

The single-use plastic bag is the leading problem in the plastic pollution. Every minute 1 million plastic bags are consumed worldwide. The average life-span of these bags are 12 minutes, while it can take hundreds or even thousands of years for them to decompose. Avoid plastic bags by bringing your own reusable bag when you go shopping.

Invest in reusable utensils

Single-use plastic utensils are another unnecessary plastic we often encounter. Whether you are grabbing a quick bite out, having a meal on a plane or planning a picnic – pack your reusable utensils. Dig into your meal with good conscience.

cutlery set
Say no

Eliminate unnecessary plastic from your life by simply saying no to it. Next time you order a drink out, tell the waitress to keep the straw. Ask your barista for a cup without a plastic lid when you order your coffee – or even better, ask them to fill your reusable cup. If you don’t need it, decline it.

Intercept when you can

We cannot pick up every piece of trash we cross paths with, but pick up when you can. Take 15 minutes after a session on the water and clean up your favourite spot on the beach. Join local clean-ups. Find an organisation and discover how you can help. Change starts with small actions. Try our trash picker next time you go out paddling and give back to the ocean by collecting waste from the waters.

Make better choices

Whether you are wrapping your lunch or buying a board, keep in mind how your choices affect the environment. Pack your tuna sandwich in a reusable lunchbox instead of a plastic zip lock bag. Take the bus instead of your car. Buy a recycled t-shirt instead of one that is made from virgin material. And next time you want to paddle the deep blue – do it on a Starboard Ecoboard.

Spread the word

Tell your family, friends and colleagues how they can avoid and intercept plastic in their daily lives. Share these Deep Blue Lifehacks with the people in your life and know that you have made a difference.

Become an Ocean Ambassador

Our Ocean Ambassadors are water sport enthusiasts who challenge themselves to spread awareness for the importance to protect our planet. Whether they go on a SUP expedition, organize sustainable events or teach kids about how to live a healthy lifestyle for themselves and the environment –
they all follow our mission to help the planet recover as fast as possible.