Eco Project Intern

POP Recycling

POP Recycling Sites

Starboard currently use 7 different recycling sites in Thailand for our Plastic Offset Program and are working towards recycling solutions in Myanmar.   Through our Plastic Offset Program, we collect more than 100 000 kg of plastic a year in Thailand & Myanmar. But what happens to the waste once it has been collected? After…

Recycling Carbon Fibre

Recycling Carbon Fibre from IQ foil Masts into SUP Fins

Starboard has been collaborating with International Federations, leading sports manufacturers, composite specialists, and academics from around the world to create carbon fibre circularity.   At Starboard, we constantly work to increase our product quality, at the same time as we decrease our environmental impact. We search and experiment with recyclable and recycled materials. Thus, we…

POP Myanmar

POP expands to Myanmar

Starboard’s Plastic Offset Program continues to expand, this time with a new chapter in Ngapali, Myanmar. The Ngapali Chapter has now completed one month, exceeding their original target KG of plastic waste, which they’ve already increased twice! Myanmar’s first POP chapter, which began on September 1st, has completed one month. Within just the first week,…