Trash Hero Bangkok’s Year In Review

Dec 27, 2019 | BY Tasmin Chilcott

What an amazing year it’s been. Trash Hero Bangkok has gone from strength to strength collecting trash and spreading the word on how to be more sustainable.


The aim of Trash Hero Bangkok is to clean up community areas and to educate for a lasting change of habits and behaviors.¬†Starboard is the initiator of the Trash Hero Bangkok Chapter, where we host weekly clean-ups every Thursday. Moreover, we welcome everyone to join us! Now it’s coming to the end of the year, a great time to look back at Trash Hero Bangkok’s Year In Review.

The Starboard team volunteers time to clean up our local area for large and small events, visit schools and spread the word. Together we need to protect the oceans and we know that we do have to start at the land to do this. The truth is clear, it does not matter where the trash is being created. More often than not it is more than likely to end up in our waterways and the ocean.

Trash Hero Bangkok World Clean Up Day
Trash Hero Bangkok World Clean-Up Day

So far this year we have met so many amazing people who have joined us on clean-ups. To be exact we have had 1,269 people join us!

Let us have a quick look at the Trash Hero Bangkok’s year in review and see how far we’ve come!
Trash Hero Bangkok Year In Review
Trash Hero Bangkok Year In Review


Thank you to everyone who has joined and supported us this year. Furthermore, we are very excited for 2020 and to experience even more cleanups, workshops, and school visits with you all.