Thip Mongprasert

Environmental Project Coordinator

What makes you want to help the Environment?
All environments are connected and reliant on each other. I want to see a green world (not a greenwashed world), I will help everyone breathe fresh air again!


What drew you to Starboard?
6 years ago, my connection to the water grew strong through diving, surfing and SUPing. It made me so sad to see the negative changes to the ocean. Working with Starboard has helped me learn and share with others how we can all improve!


What skills do you have to make a difference?
People are the key to reversing the damage we have created. I want to be the one who will step up and take responsibility for change, to help the next generation to have a liveable environment for the future. I love being around people, bringing local people together and educating through activities and showcases.