Ella Lund Fasting

Ella Lund Fasting

Eco Project Intern

What makes you want to help the Environment?
We humans have taken over the planet completely. My drive is to preserve whatever pure nature is left and work to restore as much as possible. In my opinion, we are acting disrespectfully towards the planet earth and all that comes with it. I see nature as the most precious there is, and it hurts to see our faulted systems ruining it. I want to maintain a clean and natural playground and home for humans and animals, as well as prevent pollution, habitat loss and climate crisis as much as possible.


What drew you to Starboard?
Starboard is a forthgoing company, taking responsibility for their impact on the planet through carbon offsetting, plastic collection initiatives and eco-innovation. Starboard sets a great example for other businesses on how you can work for the climate, an approach and education I wanted to be part of.


What skills do you have to make a difference?
My most important feature in this job is my drive for change.

I learn a lot through my job and work to get better at it each day. A big and important part of my work is to research topics I, and Starboard, deeply care about, to then educate for awareness, action and a lasting change. I work on sharing information through our website and social media platforms.