SUP 11 City Tour – Longest SUP Cleanup Ever?

Sep 18, 2018 | BY Chris Couve

The SUP 11 City tour should be on everyone’s list. It’s the perfect combination of intense personal challenge, inclusive community, and adventure paddling. And now it’s leading the charge with sustainable SUP events.


2018 sup 11 city tour - longest cleanup with plastic tides 1


Race coordinators have always been aware of sustainability and the issues we face, but now are stepping it up. The event invited environmental nonprofit, Plastic Tides, to the Netherlands to clean up the race course, while they paddled it! 5 days, 220km, might this be the longest SUP cleanup ever? Starboard SUP was quick to support this mission and the reward was visible and clear. The Plastic Tides team, along with other paddlers who joined in on the fun, cleaned up an average of 10 bags of trash EVERY DAY. Paddling 220km over 5 days, the team showed what was possible for the future of SUP cleanups and continues to push the boundaries.


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2018 sup 11 city tour - longest cleanup with plastic tides 3


Picture Credits: SUP 11 City Tour