#stopsucking with Starboard & Say No to Plastic Straws

Mar 8, 2019 | BY Chris Couve

Today, Starboard launches its #stopsucking social media campaign in an effort to grow awareness of the harmful toll plastic straws and other single-use plastics have on our environment, by simply saying no to plastic straws.



Starboard would like YOU to join us in our fight against single-use plastics by saying NO to straws with our #stopsucking campaign.


We will be giving away 2 Starboard eco-product hampers every week for the next 3 weeks with the winner being announced Live on our Instagram!


This is how you can participate in the campaign;


  • Publish a picture or video on either Instagram or Facebook of you with your strawless drink
  • Share why we don’t need plastic straws to support the campaign & create awareness
  • Use the #stopsucking hashtag and tag either @starboardsup or @starboardwindsurfing


starboard stopsucking stop sucking no straw campaign eco-product hamper 1600


So what’s in the cool Starboard eco-product hampers?


1)  Starboard bamboo cutlery set
2) Starboard ‘Do You Still Suck?’ tee
3) Starboard Bamboo straws for you & your friends


*The campaign will run from Friday, March 8th through to Friday, March 29th.
**We will announce 2 winners each week via an Instagram Live draw at Taco Lake.


Don’t forget to #stopsucking and tag us ‘@starboardsup‘ to enter!


Now go save the planet!


Starboard Bamboo Straws


Starboard bamboo cutlery set


Starboard ‘Do You Still Suck?’ tee