Starboard Goes Solar

Jan 18, 2018 | BY Frida Ongre

Starboard has been reducing its carbon footprint by planting over 100,000 mangrove trees in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, making us three times carbon net positive annually. However, it is important to remember that carbon sequestration is not the answer alone to the current climate crisis. We need to mitigate our emissions to reduce our impact on the planet.




That is why Starboard has invested in renewable energy and introduced solar power at our headquarter office in Bangkok. Based in Thailand, we are blessed with many sunny days, making solar energy a good investment for Starboard HQ. Most weeks we can create up to 65% of the energy we need, using solar, meaning we have a great self-consumption is often larger than our import. Our goal is to become fully reliant on this natural energy source by installing more panels once our second workshop is ready and we have more yield area.




This is just one of Starboard’s latest projects to create a greener work environment, adding to our growing list of sustainability schemes, such as our upcycled Firewire surfboard sidewalk, our single-use plastic ban at the office and our water-from-air generator machine.