Starboard Junior Ocean Ambassadors’ Mission To Protect Our Planet

Aug 22, 2019 | BY Tasmin Chilcott

Starboards Junior Ocean Ambassador Mikaela Nichols has the vision to protect our planet.


On top of everything, Mikaela is very passionate about raising environmental awareness and being a voice to her peers on the importance of reducing single-use plastics as well as many other aspects that are impacting our planet.


How did Mikaela spend her summer?


Well, this summer Mikaela, Starboards first Junior Ocean Ambassador, spent her time being a voice for the planet as she presented every week to different surf camps and other youth organizations her “Save the Planet” presentation for raising awareness of environmental issues, single-use plastics and reduce, reuse & recycle considerations. This added up to a dozen presentations and reaching close to 200 of her peers.


And add up it does, even if only 10 percent of the kids that Mikaela presented to take the message to heart and become champions of our planet that is 20 more advocates that are out there spreading the message. This may not seem like a lot, but even more important, Mikalea’s vision and one voice is creating new champions who in turn create more champions, providing a movement within our youth around these important issues and that 20 turns into hundreds.

Mikaela and Kai Nichols Presenting Her Save The Planent Presentation At Surf Camp
Mikaela Nichols Presenting Her Save The Planet Presentation At Surf Camp



Protect Our Planet, Face The Problem


In addition, Mikaela spent time educating herself on many issues facing our planet. This included visiting recycling centers to learn more about the process. But even here Mikaela was sharing her voice and making changes. One example of how Mikaela’s small voice has made bigger changes is a funny story from one of her visits to a recycling center.


Upon arrival at the center, she met the plant manager in the office conference room. Mikaela quickly noticed that there were stacks of single-use water bottles in the hallway for the plant employees to drink. Mikaela called the manager out on this practice and suggested to him several alternatives. Well, two weeks later the Manager sent Mikaela a message that he had a water filtration system installed at the plant and they would be no longer using any single-use water bottles. This story is just one of many stories Mikaela has from her summer of saving the planet.

Starboard Ocean Ambassador Mikaela Nichols At Local Recycling Centre
Starboard Ocean Ambassador Mikaela Nichols At Local Recycling Centre



So how do did you spend your summer? Mikaela spent it as a small single voice spreading awareness and the need for change to protect our planet. One small voice creating other small voices which together create one big voice for change.



A message from Mikaela and the blue playground…


So join in and be a voice for the environment!