The sea tree: Starboard Mangrove Project Q&A

May 11, 2019 | BY Johanna Hector

Have you heard about the sea tree?  The mangrove is a true miracle tree, as it allows us to keep following our passion on the water and make green business.
How? Find the answers in our Mangrove Project Q&A.


What is the Starboard Mangrove Project and why do we do it?

Starboard offsets their footprint by planting mangrove trees in Thor Heyerdahl climate park in Myanmar. Mangrove trees not only sequester about 1 tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over a 20 year lifespan, but also create a healthy ocean habitat for several species, and an amazing ecosystem that acts as a nursery for plants and animals. Mangrove trees have an amazing root system that protects the shoreline from big waves and heavy storms.
We, as people of the ocean, feel compelled to do everything we can to make our liquid playground clean and healthy again.

What emissions do we offset with the planting of mangroves? 

We plant mangrove trees in respect of our carbon emissions at the office, workshop, all our staff’s and team riders’ travel, our products raw mats and assembly emissions, transport of finished products to global destinations. We also have started to calculate the carbon emissions of our distribution partners and plant for them. In addition we are working with various events world wide to help them become climate positive.

Where and by whom are the trees planted?  

We are planting trees with World View international, Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar.


What is the target for the project?

Our goal is for Starboard to become carbon past positive, and 10 x carbon net positive each year going forward.

What is Starboard’s vision for the mangrove project? 

We want to help share how a company in addition to each year reducing their negative environmental impact also can participate in nature regenerative projects, thus actually have a net positive impact on the environment.
By being 10 x climate positive ourselves we aim to motivate other companies to become climate positive as well, make an unpreceded shift and go beyond the norm.


Find more information about our latest carbon footprint report here.