Get On Board

Wanna know what you can do for our oceans? Click in and read our top sustainability hacks – and get on board with the Deep Blue Life.

Eco Innovation

Starboard’s mission is not only to make the best boards in the world, but also the best boards for the world. Check out how we keep your board blue for the ocean.

Plastic Legislation

We use our business as a force for good and a drive for change. Check out how Starboard is pushing for regulations on single-use plastic.

Plastic Offest Program

Starboard is guilty in playing a role in the plastic industry, but we are playing a part of the solution by offsetting our whole plastic footprint.

Carbon Net Positive

Starboard is completely transparent about its role as an industrial producer. But we are taking responsibility for our carbon footprint.

Education Program

We teach what we preach. Starboard helps schools understand the problems of pollution by offering education on the matter.

Clean Ups

As lovers of all things water it is essential that we keep our oceans clean and respect our big blue playground

Sustainable HQ

Starboard is turning its headquarters into a sustainability hub – practicing a deep blue life at the core of the company.

Partners for the Oceans

We sure can’t save the planet on our own – that is why Starboard has partnered up with fellow ocean lovers. Check out our awesome partners!