Plastic Soup Surfer Launches New Pick Up 10 Campaign

Jul 3, 2018 | BY Chris Couve

Merijn Tinga from Plastic Soup Surfer Launches the New Pick Up 10 Campaign in Summer of 2018.


Merijn and his ‘team’ have partnered with Google & National Geographic (Netherlands) to promote this new revolutionary campaign.


Pick Up 10 is the ‘Litter-data’ revolution that activates consumers with a hands-on approach PLUS calls to account policymakers and companies.

The machine learning innovation by Google is now used for photo recognition of litter. By applying machine learning to photo recognition we can now recognize and tag litter in your pictures. This is a revolution in data collection and user-ease. Picking up litter has now ceased to be a fight against the symptoms; it has become a call for change. We can now address the root cause at the highest levels. The only thing we need now is a whole lot of users…”


– Merijn Tinga for Plastic Soup Surfer


Watch the video to learn more about what Pick Up 10 is about.



Pick Up 10 uses Google photo recognition to identify litter, tag and upload it.


“We are no longer fighting the symptoms by cleaning up, we are collecting facts, proof & data and addressing the root cause: companies and policymakers.”


Plastic Soup Surfer is teaming up to create something revolutionary!


“Together with interaction design studio Hike One! and De Voorhoede we developed a ‘website app’

With this website/app users can get acquainted with ‘pic(k)ing litter’ in a very fun and easy way. You don’t have to download anything, you can start straight away and are challenged with gamification. After the first 10 pic(k)s the user smoothly transfers to the more serious Litterati App. He or she becomes part of the Plastic Soup Surfer community and the Pic(k)ing can get a longterm sustainable character.”


Plastic Soup Surfer will be 3D printing a foil SUP based on the Starboard Hypernut 7’4’’ 4-in-1 blueprint. The 3D printed material will come from 5,000 littered PET (plastic) bottles they collected with Pick Up 10.


“On the 24th of June, we will pile them up for the Nat Geo Beach Clean in Scheveningen NL (where the Volvo Ocean race finishes).”