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Be brave.


About Mikaela


With her motto of “Be Brave” Mikaela is a young upcoming water girl and charger that truly understands the importance of keeping our oceans clean. Not only for a healthy environment but for the future of our planet. She advocates continuously about reducing the need for single-use plastics and
helping to clean our beaches and oceans.


Mikaela has grown up in the ocean enjoying all it has to offer from being a highly competitive surfer, to paddle boarding and now one of the youngest girls to be foil boarding in the world. Mikaela wants to protect our ocean and its wonders for generations to come. She believes this starts with each and every person doing what is right. This includes leaving no trace and to do your part when it comes to keeping our beaches clean. Part of her Be
Brave motto is to promote her one piece at a time effort. If every person who stepped on a beach left no trace but also picked up even a single
piece of trash how much better would we all be?


Spending so much time in the ocean, Mikaela started to see how bad things like plastic and other pollution was having on not only the ocean but
all the animals. Mikaela really wanted to be able to help with not only keeping her local beaches clean but started to think about how she can
influence other kids and teach them how to do better.


At first Mikaela started by putting together a presentation that she presents to several local surf camps and other organizations. The presentation was teaching kids about environmental issues, plastics and help them understand how to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.


Mikaela partnered with another eco-friendly toy company call Shore Buddies to do book readings at the local school to help teach young kids about how bad plastic can be for the ocean and its animals. In addition, Mikaela has worked with Shore Buddies on a Youtube series focusing on teaching kids on environmental issues and reducing our plastic footprint.


Mikaela was looking for a way to get friends involved and get other kids to be ocean advocates, so Mikaela started a club. Mikaela wanted to create a
group for kids, run by kids where they can be a voice in the community about the importance of being environmentally responsible. The idea was
to be an eco friendly club that can influence change in the environment by spreading the message about our planets health.


So FB (Fernandina Beach) Goes Green was created. FB Goes Green has been able to partner with another local organization called Keep Nassau
Beautiful. They had a program where organizations can adopt a road and commit to keeping it clean. FB Goes Green was able to sponsor a road for
cleaning. It was neat because they were the first kids group to have adopted a road in their organization. How cool would it be to have similar
goes green youth clubs in other cities?


In addition to advocating an ocean-friendly lifestyle, Mikaela’s life goals include the ocean at every step. From enjoying all water activities the
ocean has to offer and following a dream of becoming a marine biologist where she hopes to make a positive impact on the health of our oceans
and it’s creatures.


Be Brave


Mikaela Nichols

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