World Cleanup Day is quickly approaching on the 21st of September and we want you to join us!


The World Cleanup Day is a global program, aimed at combating the global solid waste problem. Here at Starboard we run cleanups as the Trash Hero chapter here in Bangkok. This year we have organised not just one event but two cleanup events on September 21st. Taking place in two locations in Thailand; Starboard HQ’s surrounding area, Bangplee and at ‘Bangkok’s Green Lung’ Bangkrajao.


You do not have to be in Thailand to join in.


This year, the goal is to include 5% of the world’s population, which is equivalent to 380 million people. With 73% of beach litter worldwide being plastic, and with more than 8 million tonnes of plastic entering bodies of water annually. We need to act now to make a change.


Plastic Patrol Paddle Boarders - Rochdale

Plastic Patrol Paddle Boarders – Rochdale



Create your own event or join a local one!


There are 157 countries around the world involved in this cleanup event, so far, and all information regarding creating your own event or joining a local event can be found here. Creating your own event is easy! There are marketing tools and a toolkit readily available on the website. During this year’s world cleanup day, Starboard will be collaborating with Plastic Patrol to register the waste collected, and this can easily be done by your event as well.


Cleaning up the planet is the aim of this global movement. Combining innovative technology and community action together. Driving us forward to gather evidence towards the primary sources of plastic pollution.


Plastic Patrol

Plastic Patrol

Worlds first mass coordinated cleanup

This year, Plastic Patrol has organised the worlds first mass coordinated cleanup across the UK, Europe , and the US. You can register your cleanup through the Plastic Patrol App, attend a cleanup, log your findings on the app and in return you can receive a free session in; Paddleboarding, Parkour, Canoeing, Yoga and Fitness. Think of it as a nature tax!


Logging your findings is simple.

Take a photo of the litter and upload it to the app’s map. You will be helping the scientists by logging information about your findings onto the map.


Currently, the organisation has 195,000+ pieces logged from 65 countries worldwide, and an ambitious aim of reaching 1 million! By doing so, Plastic Patrol can create a global database from their ‘rubbish map’ involving real-time information on pollution, which is analysed by scientists in order to support reducing the amount of plastic used by individuals to large manufacturers.

Lizzie from Plastic Patrol During A Cleanup Whilst Paddleboarding

Lizzie from Plastic Patrol During A Cleanup Whilst Paddleboarding

Starboards distributors AMP Marketing are also getting involved, not only with Plastic Patrol and World Oceans day but also with a clean up in Hamburg and Starnberg on the 14th and 15th September. So if you’re joining a cleanup, let us know! We will share your cleanup event on our page so we can get more people attending.


Lets make this the biggest cleanup event in the history of cleanups!

UPDATE: World Clean Up Day had a huge success rate where Trash Hero Bangkok ran a large clean up around Starboard HQ. Just under 300 people attended the event with nearly 1,000 KG of trash collected.


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