The Solutions!

 We are well aware of the problems we are facing, so right now we are going to take a look into a few of Starboards’ partners and their plastic solutions. Let’s have a look at what they’ve have been up to lately.


Good Karma Projects


To kick-off let’s take a look at what Good Karma Projects, AKA GK Projects, have been up to recently. In all honesty, they have been up to a lot!


So let’s focus on a quick intro to them. GK is a non-profit organization, who are aiming to redefine the board sports industry in reference to sustainability and social involvement. Starboard and GK align as both are on their pathway to find the impacts of all stages of a board’s life, through Life Cycle Assessment, LCA. From here the information obtained is used to improve processes, provide a sound basis of informed decisions. Resulting in stepping on that first stepping stone to the reduced overall impact of the product.


Last month Good Karma Projects released their short-documentary Mediterráneamente Plástico. The documentary’s goal is to give awareness about how polluted the Mediterranean. As stated by GK;


“The investigation results showed that there is around 100.000 microplastics per Km2, a similar density as the famous ‘trash islands’ in the Pacific Ocean. The main goal of the documentary is to give visibility to the plastic pollution problem and create awareness about the huge amount of waste that we generate and ends in our seas.”


Check out GK’s next screening of the short documentary at Outdoor by ISPO this week!

Quote From GK Highlighting The Plastic Issue In The Mediterranean

Quote From GK Highlighting The Plastic Issue In The Mediterranean


Brands for Good X Outdoor By ISPO


This week, Europes largest outdoor trade fair went live!

Starboard has been welcomed to offset the electricity usage of the Outdoor By ISPO through the introduction from Brands For Good. Not only did we collaborate on this first step together but Outdoor by ISPO has worked so hard this year to reach bring everyone in line with their sustainability goals! Each step they are making is helping us all work together to protect the natural environment around us.


A key consumer aspect of reducing their impact is through their strong commitment between their catering stands at the event, where no plastic is allowed to be used anymore, at all. With further steps, ensuring that the bare minimum of carpets and almost no single-use plastic is being used. Overall, Outdoor By ISPO has an approach to sustainability to include everyone who is involved with the event to get on board with initiatives that run from short all the way through to the long term. Starting with pledges from all stakeholders, giving them a call to action to act now.


This, for now, is the starting point!

Starboard At OutDoor By ISPO, 2019

Starboard At OutDoor By ISPO, 2019




Waterquizz is the name of the brand-new game being bought to the table by Watertrek. This educational and physical game brings together knowledge and fun in an open-minded way. Suitable for all ages, allowing children and adults to learn together.


The really cool thing is that this game is designed to be an on-site activity at events, such as paddling events! Which is where a lot of likeminded people who love to play and care about the waters and our environment will be. Watertrek proof tested this game at the ‘Rencontres de l’Eau Vive’ event in Joinville-le-Point event, at the event athletes and their families were able to compete together during the game.


This is a great way to spread awareness. As after all, when awareness is spread, this is the first step to taking on the solution to the problem. Through realizing how bad the issue is, where it is and where we can exactly help we can take the next steps to adapt our lifestyle to be a step closer to eradicating the issue. Find out more here.


 Starboards' Partners And Their Plastic Solutions. Watertrek Foundation

Starboards’ Partners And Their Plastic Solutions. Watertrek Foundation


Bye Bye Plastic Bags


Here we have possibly the biggest update from our partners this month. Melati and Isabel, the founders of  Bye Bye Plastic Bags contributed to something absolutely incredible. A true Youth Empowerment!

  What did they do?

Well, after being so progressive alongside activists, environmentalists and longtime supporters of the plastic-free movement. 23rd June 2019, became a day for everyone to celebrate! This was the official date that the ban on single-use plastic bags, straws, and polystyrene went into effect in Bali. Not only that, but the government has also recognized the importance of this and now have a special task team in charge of the implementation of regulation ‘Pergub No. 97/2018’.


Great news for Bali! Keep using your reusable bags to keep the movement going in your country!

Check out their full story here.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags in Australia. One of Starboards’ Partners And Their Plastic Solutions

Bye Bye Plastic Bags in Australia. One of Starboards’ Partners And Their Plastic Solutions


Protect Blue

Are you a changemaker and looking for some support to help you with your plastic-free adventure? Well, Protect Blue may have what you are looking for. Their goal is to provide support, practical tools, and a community to help ocean advocates reach their full potential. Take a minute to see what the amazing group got up to in London last month for one of the ‘Meet Blue’ launch events.   Check out their ‘Meet Blue’ event in Bermuda on the 19th-22nd September, details here.



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