Taking action now and starting at our core. 

Starboard’s vision is Blue and it feeds into Starboard HQ’s recycling efforts. There’s that fear of knowing that one day, we may not be able to enjoy this sport in nature’s full beauty in the future. We want to save the ocean from rubbish, keeping our waters clear and blue. 

You may be aware of some of the environmental projects that we roll out for our customers to help us generate more impact; such as The Plastic Offset Program and Carbon Offsetting using nature. Today we are sharing with you some of the smaller projects we work on from our Headquarters. Changing the habits, and helping the waste of our employees reach a place where it can be upcycled or properly recycled. 

Waste Sorting And Starboard HQ Recycling

At all of our locations in Thailand; the main headquarters, workshop and Test Centre we implement the means to recycle waste for our employees. The items such as waste paper, plastic bottles, glass and metal are items that are easily recyclable in Thailand. However, there is no standard ‘pick-up’ for these items so Starboard arranges for this to happen each week. We still have a way to go to become zero-waste. With the help of our employees limiting their use of single-use plastic. Then with a contract element including a pledge to bring in no single-use plastic – we should be on our way! 

Starboard Employee Sorting Their Waste For Recycling

Starboard HQ’s Recycling Food Waste 

All employees at our HQ receive a free vegetarian lunch, every working day. As with most food catering, whether at home or at work, there will always be food waste. The most recent addition to our office based eco-initiatives has come in the ‘Zero Waste Food’ program. Where we are using our food waste to be composted so that it will eventually turn into fertiliser. Due to there being a large amount of us at HQ we create a fair amount of food waste. We, therefore, work with a local organisation who will then share waste with families. These families may not have access to quality soil and fertilizer. Resulting in hopefully helping them grow fruit and vegetables at home!

Starboard HQ Recycling To Help Local Charities With Our End Of Life Items 

In respects of the Environment and staff, one of our most helpful projects is the Tetra Pack recycling project. This project allows us to work with the Red Cross ‘Green Roof Project’. Our ask to our employees is to drop off their multilayered tetra packs that are very hard to recycle! This scheme allows our employees to ensure their tetra packs are being recycled into something very helpful. These Tetra Packs become roofs for families and communities in the backcountry of Thailand. For an area of 1 x 2.40 m around 2,000 Tetra Packs are used, shredded and compacted down into tiles. Furthermore, these tiles are very heavy duty, fire-resistant, lightweight, energy-saving. Not only that! They are also immune from fungus growing and make it very easy to repair roofs when the time comes!

Then we took a look at all those receipts that mounted up in our bags and wallets. Working with the Green Way Notebook project these, receipts can now be fully recycled into the paper to be used in bound notebooks. These are then freely supplied to lower-income families. 

At the end of a very hard-working year, our employee’s jam-packed calendars are taken in by the Starboard Blue team who donate them to the Foundation for the BlindThe organisation then uses them to create Braille Letter books so people with lessened eye use and blindness are able to practice their writing skills.  

Starboard HQ Recycling Using A Precious Plastic Machine

Finally, we have our Precious Plastic Machine, made for us by The Sea Monkey Project! During our weekly Trash Hero Cleanups, and through our connections with local restaurants, we collect plastic bottle tops. These plastic bottle tops are then used through our Precious Plastic Machine to help Starboard HQ recycle them into new useful things. During our Tiki SUP Challenges we hand out medals for all participants, the medals are fully made by us and from 100% recycled bottle tops. 

We’d like to hope that Starboard HQ’s recycling waste programs have collaborated well. Through including all staff members and getting guests involved too! Our aim is to help our employees look after their and our local environment. Through making Starboard HQ a hub for recycling items which they may not be easily recycled at home, we hope that we act as a support for our employees. We have the means to help rectify the issue created through our past use of plastics and waste. We must now all put these to use! 

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