Just in time. Market entry SOMWR with brilliant momentum.

Munich, 01.07.2020, the launch of SOMWR, the best brand for the planet.

How to enter the market without trade fairs?

SOMWR (pronounced Somewhere) has shown the way digitally and impressively. With the ISPO Re.Start Days, Messe München offered a pure conference format. However, the creators of the SOMWR brand for the planet were able to use this very moment to bring their philosophy to the general public. With their own networks, years of authentic industry presence and the broad international reach of the ISPO network, the founders Svein Rasmussen and Timo Perschke reached the decision-makers in the industry and aroused their curiosity.

We know it, but we do not act?

At a time when, despite serious environmental problems and human rights violations, more than 99% of all products are still being thrown onto the market with irresponsible production, SOMWR is entering the market.

Not only to create a neutral ecological balance, but even a positive ecological balance for products.

July 2020, Images From The Plastic Offset Program Team, Who Are Scaling Up For SOMWR.

And who or what is SOMWR?

In the future, consumers will be able to contribute to the preservation of our planet through their purchases. For the first time, consumption will have a positive balance.

For every garment sold, the world is doing better. And not only because of the ecological balance.

This vision drives us. Clothing is only the first product group. You can offer “positive” products for all areas of daily life .

SOMWR already has a complex global network of memberships and partnerships with UNTIL, B-Corp, WIF, ACG, Fairwear, Bluesign and GRS, which are involved in all aspects of product procurement and development as well as the economic development of the SOMWR platform for the planet.

For example, if you buy a T-shirt weighing 150 grams, SOMWR removes the same amount of waste from the beaches and ocean waters and ensures at least 10 times the CO2 emissions required for production by planting in its own mangrove forest. Each product is individually recorded, measured and evaluated in the value chain. Thus, each garment has its own Environmental history.

SOMWR is a platform, a network and a pool of good practice. Making it ‘The Best Brand For The Planet’.

Rasmussen is a visionary and predicts: “We have to go beyond sports equipment and reach into the daily life of every person. With mass movements at the grassroots, we make the change.” In concrete terms, this means, for example, starting with an internal tax within our own radius, which is close to the much-discussed CO2 tax: “Our internal tax will finance the planting of more mangroves, the absorption of C02 from the atmosphere and the protection of coastal areas from strong waves and weathering. We will make more beaches plastic-free, educate not only children but adults as well, from universities to the private sector and governments. The projects provide income for the mangrove planters in the climate park and the plastic collectors on the beach in the plastic offset program”.

Svein Rasmussen, SOMWR Co-Founder Who Has Also Led Sustainable Action At Starboard.

“SOMWR is a pioneering movement. For the future we want to revolutionize consumer values and purchasing power,” says Timo Perschke, who is developing the SOMWR platform together with Svein Rasmussen. Both together have combined visions of product development and a new way of doing business and have decided to contribute their share to the future: “The big brands and companies have the responsibility for the future in their hands. Part of our profits are reserved for restoring nature and giving people in society an honest orientation,” says Svein Rasmussen, who has already successfully led Starboard into sustainable action.

Protecting The Future Of All Generations With SOMWR’s Action For The Planet.

What does SOMWR offer?

SOMWR proves its values through action.

In the first step, the SOMWR team develops Street and Lifestyle Apparel products: T-shirts, hoodies, caps, pants and dresses in the medium to high street fashion segment. In the modern sport, city and lifestyle market there are only a few brands that can claim to have really invented something new for their customers. The people / the target group are open to change and find in SOMWR a brand that expresses exactly this. Besides many innovations in the areas of ecology, transparency and new functions, the most important achievement of the products will be a “CLIMATE-POSITIVE BALANCE” in terms of use and materials. Just another brand? No, certainly not. Perschke says: “Svein and I have developed so many projects and products in all areas of industry that we can be sure that we know the most diverse components very well. With our first step in Apparel, we combine speed for modern streetwear demands, self-conception for clean eco-fashion and a transparent economic approach for producers and retailers”.

SOMWR Team Develops Street and Lifestyle Apparel Products.

The distribution channel, the network.

Every decision we make leaves an imprint.

A grid development of analogue and digital distribution systems creates balanced structures. The sales team has been selected in all regions through many years of experience with high volume and on the other hand eco-wear and therefore has a unique balance. Thanks to their expertise, focus retailers are selected in key countries and respective key regions, who are then allowed to implement exclusive partner programs and projects. In their SOMWR Brandbook, Timo Perschke and Svein Rasmussen describe how the SOMWR network is being developed: “Let’s be proud of the traces we leave behind! Carbon dioxide will be sunk back into the ground and removed from the air we breathe, plastic will be removed from beaches, and people will be educated through these actions. This will be the imprint of your shopping at SOMWR. Join as a SOMWR activist and look for others who wear SOMWR. Be happy if you see someone with a planet SOMWR logo on their front. Maybe spark up a conversation about how you imagine life on planet SOMWR in the future.”

Online, selected partners with transparent structures will also receive the SOMWR sales surcharges. The pre-order will start in the coming weeks (status July 2020). Timo Perschke himself and the sales experts of his new global team will ensure that the right partners are selected in all structures.

Contact us:
Timo Perschke



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